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When did you first attend the SODEM protest outside Parliament and why did you come? 

I think it was 12.06.2018 I voted Remain, but it wasn’t until after the Referendum I learnt about the devastation leaving the EU would cause and all the benefits we enjoy being part of the EU. I wanted to be more active. I had been involved locally with BathForEurope and active on Twitter, but it wasn’t enough. A friend told me that I couldn’t do anything, but as soon as I found out about SODEM I had to go to Parliament. 

Roughly how old are you?

59 years young

How frequently did you come and when was the last time you attended?

Initially once/twice a week. Then three times, then everyday! Before lockdown. 

How far from Westminster do you live and what was your travelling time?

I lived in Somerset, it was about 3 hours each way. Then I lived in the SODEM MADHOUSE. 

What’s your favourite memory?

Too many to choose one! But I would probably say the 3rd Meaningful Vote Defeat, despite the pouring rain, the hope and joy in the atmosphere was palpable!

Tell me your story

I wanted to fight Brexit in the memory of my Father, who was rescued from Dunkirk, but died in peacetime in France. I don’t believe he would want us to turn our backs on our European friends and I know he would hate what is happening to our country. I want my son, his partner to enjoy the benefits that I have had, including living and working in Spain. 

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