Clive Lewis

Clive Lewis

Clive Lewis passed away on 30th January, 2020. He died a European.

A regular at SODEM, Clive continued to actively campaign, despite being ill with cancer. He travelled extensively to spread the "Stop Brexit" message, and even went to Brussels in April 2018 for the premiere of "Postcards from the 48%".

Polly Oakley

6th June  1955 – 17th September 2019

Beliefs were always important to Polly. She stood many times promoting her belief that we are an open, welcoming society that will forever be European, fighting for peace on our Continent. A kind, gentle soul, and a committed activist at SODEM.

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OBIT Chris Forrester

Christine Forrester

Died  6th June 2019, Aged 71

Remembered by fellow protestor Sue Penn

A wonderful lady who I knew for too short a time. She fought for kindness and understanding of others throughout her life. Her knowledge and thoughtfulness helped give me the  confidence to run the coaches to London for the big marches . I remember her advice about elections “get out and vote against racism and xenophobia, against hatred and bigotry. Vote for the Europe of socially liberal democracy”

Her  usual message - stand up for those values: tolerance, the rule of law, equalities, thinking open societies. Vote for hope.

Barry King

Died January 2019

Barry was a high energy physicist who worked at CERN (Switzerland) . As a scientist, he saw first hand how international collaboration benefits every party involved. He therefore actively campaigned for Remain in the run up to the referendum. After, he set up Chester for Europe and threw himself into trying to convince his fellow residents of the need for a People's Vote at weekly street stalls.
He died a committed and energetic European. Barry is survived by his wife, Teresa Fajardo, to whom he was married for 25 years, and their two sons.
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