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When did you first attend the SODEM protest outside Parliament and why did you come? 

I attended SODEM soon after I heard of its existence. I had already been a regular at the protest opposite Downing Street from 2016. [N°10 Vigil]

Roughly how old are you?

I am in my early 60s and semi- retired which was the only reason it was possible to come. 

How frequently did you come and when was the last time you attended?

I came up once a week on average – at the time I lived in West London.

How far from Westminster do you live and what was your travelling time?

Now I live in Exeter but attended many times, occasionally as a day trip taking 3 hours each way.

What’s your favourite memory?

My favourite memory was bringing my 2 children up to join SODEM and to March in protests. They have been badly hit by the loss of Freedom of Movement and I am glad we tried so hard to save the day.

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