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When did you first attend the SODEM protest outside Parliament and why did you come? 

Around February 2018, I think? Anger. 

Roughly how old are you?


How frequently did you come and when was the last time you attended?

Tried to come monthly during 2019; last attended on 31 January, 2020.

How far from Westminster do you live and what was your travelling time?

I live in St Albans, 40mins away.

What’s your favourite memory?

Having the opportunity to tell Johnson what I thought of him when he walked next to me at the crossing….

Tell me your story

SODEM gave me a place to go and a place to be when I was feeling particularly down about Brexit, somewhere to channel it all. It was really important to me and I am so grateful to everyone else that ever went. And to Steve Bray for having the guts to do it so relentlessly. Singing and chanting, sleeping outside the Court overnight, the Prorogation demos which felt completely organic and about the angriest we ever got as a group… friends, good friends, and solidarity. They’re the memories I’ve got. Plus two sad unicorns, of course… ; )  

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