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When did you first attend the SODEM protest outside Parliament and why did you come? 

Early 2018 – to be part of a visible display of opposition to Brexit and the lies/dishonesty that fuelled it.

Roughly how old are you?


How frequently did you come and when was the last time you attended?

Whenever I was working in London, and able to get along for an hour or two.

How far from Westminster do you live and what was your travelling time?

Derry, Northern Ireland (although I normally – pre-pandemic – travel to London for work roughly once a fortnight).

What’s your favourite memory?

Ferry boat!

Tell me your story

I’m originally from England, but relocated to Derry nearly 10 years ago and currently live about 2 miles from the Derry/Donegal border. Whilst I’m fortunate in having been able to gain Irish citizenship (through marriage and residence on the island of Ireland), I am nevertheless having to face the reality of being an EU citizen living outside of the EU – as well as feeling a growing sense of estrangement from my country of birth.

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