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When did you first attend the SODEM protest outside Parliament and why did you come? 

December 2017. I was at the Houses of Parliament for a 50:50 parliament meeting. I saw EU flags opposite and went over to find out what it was about. Steve was there with one or two others. I think I first stood there with Aiden in January 2018. There was a call-out for numbers as there was a related debate. I had been to a one year on demo in Canterbury in 23 June 2017, so had made some contacts with other pro EU people and groups. 

Roughly how old are you?

Now 67, precisely

How frequently did you come and when was the last time you attended?

Early 2018 I was abroad a lot, so came intermittently between trips. From  mid June I was at sodem for 2 or 3 days a week, until mid July. Back in September, we stood outside Labour conf in Liverpool, and Tory conf in Birmingham. Then pretty full time until Christmas. Full time again in 2019. Stayed in the SODEM house in January 2019. Then with friends in Streatham. Pretty much full time throughout 2019, that is Monday from lunchtime, usually until the 6 o’clock shout, until Thursday, about 3 or so, then train back to Canterbury. I was a bit ill with a heavy cold Sept/Oct so did not go to the conferences. Then I fell and cracked my kneecap mid October. Made it back to Sodem after the election when the new session of parliament started in January 2020, a few times in January and February. Then had more trouble with my knee, so couldn’t go. Then lockdown. Last time I was there was 12th February, 2020.

How far from Westminster do you live and what was your travelling time?

I live in Canterbury. Door to door 2 hours travelling time, on the fast train. 

What’s your favourite memory?

Probably Yorkshire arriving, in full song. More than once. Too many memories. Selling SODEM stuff at the marches. And all the amazing people I have met!

Tell me your story

In my early 20s I voted to stay in the EEC. Took it as read. Didn’t think about it much. I lived in Indonesia for 20 years, returned to the UK in 2000 with my three children from my in due course Indonesian ex husband. Enjoyed going to Holland and Sweden to visit family. Kids, as they grew older, went to European countries. Kevin worked in Prague for 4 years. My daughter Hannah is still living in Switzerland. I did not really believe, at first, that the government would actually implement Brexit. By this time I was retired. I had been teaching English at an international 6th form college in Canterbury. It became increasingly important for me to be at SODEM. The constant visual presence was important and I felt happy that, with no other responsibilities, and friends in London happy to have me, I was able to be there.

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